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Revolutionizing Precision Health Among Older Adults

Researchers at Technion, Weizmann and U-M are combining their joint strengths in data science, immunology and infectious diseases to increase understanding in two major areas related to the health of older adults:

  1. Common, recurring infections — including urinary tract infections, respiratory viral infections and pneumonia — which decrease quality and quantity of life and, because of increasing drug resistance, are challenging to treat.
  2. The aging trajectories of the immune system.


Betsy Foxman, Lona Mody and Jenna Wiens
University of Michigan

Roy Kishony,  Shai Sshen -Orr and Naama Geva-Zatorsky
Technion – Israel Institute of Technology

Amos Tanay, Ido Amit, Roi Avraham and Liran Shlush
Weizmann Institute of Science

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  • Explore novel technologies for collecting new types of data in older adults, focusing
    specifically on the blood, the microbiome and the genomes of infecting pathogens.
  • Follow a cohort of elderly individuals in a nursing facility and use novel technologies to
    identify factors associated with the acquisition of upper respiratory infections.
  • Develop novel machine learning tools for modeling immune and microbiome trajectories of healthy aging.
  • Create a large, de-identified, comprehensive, longitudinal dataset pertaining to older adults that can be securely shared across institutions for studying aging populations (a combination of retrospective and prospective data).
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