9th Annual D. Dan & Betty kahn Scientific Symposium

frontiers in biomedical research

Thank you to those who registered and participated in the Vision 2020: Biomedical Research – Frontiers of the Future, 9th Annual D. Dan and Betty Kahn Michigan-Israel Partnership for Research and Education Symposium.

The COVID-19 pandemic influenced this year’s Kahn Symposium format to go virtual. To ensure our guests had the feeling of an in-person conference, our virtual platform included live zoom seminars, networking lounge, and interactive poster session.

We are incredibly grateful to our researchers, philanthropic supporters, and institutional leaders for their participation in this year’s symposium as well as their contribution to the last 9 years of this partnership.

Thank you for making this year’s symposium a success and for continuing your collaborative efforts for research and education.

Virtual Lobby

Poster Session

Networking Lounge

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